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Torsional Vibration Reduction for Geared Aviation Compression Ignition Engines with Power Transmission through the Camshaft or Dedicated Internal Driveshaft: A sweep through 2 and 4-stroke engines with differing numbers of cylinders and power train configurations indicate the 4-stroke, 6-cylinder engine is ideally suited for this application


Torsional Vibration Solutions for Aviation Compression Ignition Engines: Power Transmission through the Camshaft or Dedicated Internal Driveshaft


EAA AirVenture 2016


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Engine Expo 2015: Presentation in the Open Technology Forum

There is an impasse in the development of compression ignition engines for general aviation.  Weight issues are major impediments for direct drive engines in the 300 hp range and torsional vibration is a major impediment for geared engines.  Simulation studies show that the first mode natural frequency of the drivetrain model can be reduced by almost half  by using the camshaft or a dedicated shaft as a power transmission shaft. This results in the displacement of its convergence with dominant excitation frequency to a lower speed with marked reduction in torsional vibration.