About Us

Cam Drive Shaft Engine


We are a business located in Scottsdale, AZ  interested in the development of 300 hp class compression ignition  engines for general aviation.

Dedicated Internal Shaft Engine

Ownership and Management

Francis Nardella is a rheumatologist, private pilot and owner of FANAR.  Prior to private practice, he was in academic medicine at the University of Washington for 13 years and authored or coauthored 33 articles and 2 patents devoted to basic, clinical and translational medical research.   He has authored and presented papers at the 2016 ASME Internal Combustion Fall Technical Conference (ICEF) and at the 2017 SAE Noise and Vibration Conference.  A patent, US 10,550,911, has been issued by the USPTO, entitled “Internal Combustion Piston Engine for Aviation".